Blogmas Day #2-12/2/16

“On the second day of Blogmas, BeBe gave to you…traditions you can adopt too!”


Hello everyone! Welcome to Blogmas day 2!

Today I thought we’d talk about Christmas Traditions.  Most of my Christmas traditions came from my dad’s side of my family, they were really big into celebrating Christmas and family togetherness.  Both sides of my husband’s family celebrated Christmas and he has quite a few traditions we’ve adopted as well.  The following list are some of the traditions that my husband & I have adopted from our families and have used every since we got married and started celebrating Christmas together.  I hope you enjoy the list! 😀


  1. We put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving night & we don’t take it down until January 5th..  My dad always told me it was bad luck to take your tree down before the 5th, but it was also bad luck if you took it down after the 5th. The tree has to come down on the 5th.  I am not sure why…It was just the rule!
  2. Christmas Cookies! I am pretty sure just about everyone has this tradition.  My granny baked SO many Christmas cookies between the day after Thanksgiving and New Years day.  My mother-in-law also bakes us a lot of cookies.  We of course, always left out cookies for Santa Claus.  (I posted one of my Granny’s cookie recipes over at BeBe Bites for you to enjoy if you want.) 😀
  3. When I was growing up, our Christmas Eve dinner was always crab cakes. My granddad loved seafood and crab cakes were his favorite, so when my granny married him, she always made a special Christmas Ever dinner for him & it was always crab cakes. That was the only present she could give him when they first got married, due to not having very much money, so she would save as much money as she could all year to give him this special dinner. Of course, as the years passed, & they had children and grandchildren, and now great grandchildren, it became a family tradition. All of the women in my family, even the ones that married in, make crab cakes for Christmas Eve dinner. It was such a sweet gesture of her, I am glad we adopted the tradition and have the story behind it since my granddad is no longer with us.
  4. We always have Christmas pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve night.  My mom started that tradition when my oldest sister was born. We all still do that even though we are grown!
  5. In my family, we always opened our presents from Mom & Dad on Christmas Eve night, after dinner, then we got our stockings from Santa Claus on Christmas morning and opened our presents from the rest of the family on Christmas Day, after dinner.  My husband’s parents always let him and his sisters open one present on Christmas Eve night, after their church service, then they got to open the rest on Christmas morning.
  6. In my family, we always had a HUGE Christmas morning breakfast. We’d have this amazing breakfast casserole with biscuits on the side. I looked so forward to that breakfast all year!  (I will be posting that recipe on BeBe Bites next week.) 😉
  7. Real mistletoe.  My granddad always insisted that we had to have real mistletoe. He and my dad would go out and hunt for it and pick some to be sure we had it to hang up.  When my granddad couldn’t go out to search for it anymore, my dad would go with my brothers to get it.  Now that my dad is gone, my nephews always go out and get it. It’s become one of their traditions.
  8. A tradition that my husband and I started for ourselves.  Every Christmas, after dinner, we watch Die Hard.  Why? Because it’s only the best Christmas movie ever! lol 🙂
  9. For our Christmas dinner, my husband and I always make his grandma’s potato filling.  It is one of the most delicious things ever.
  10. Candy canes! We always have tons of real candy canes on our Christmas tree.  That was a tradition we adopted from both sides of our family. We end up eating them all before Christmas though…lol!

I hope you enjoyed my list of traditions that my family use.  What are your traditions?  Do you have the same ones I do or are yours different?  Please let me know! I am very curious to find out what traditions you have. 😀 😀


As always, thanks for reading!




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